Hi there

Welcome to my portfolio!
My name is Yinon Ezra, visual artist, specialized in type design. I am devoted for finding high-quality aesthetic graphic solutions.

I grew up in Rishon-Lezion, a city located south of Tel Aviv, Israel. My mom is a gifted painter and my dad is a business consultant. I was raised in an artistic environment. Making art has been a significant part of my routine for as long as I can remember since my mother’s art studio was part of our house.

10 years ago I discovered the passion for type design through my older brother, Nadav Ezra. He is a successful type designer, with seniority of nearly 30 years in his craft, and also holds the biggest type foundry in israel.

Since than i’m exploring the beauty and complexity of Type Design, and visual communication in general. My touch has a unique mixture of the ancient hebrew nature, and the structured geometrics of the latin type.

My hebrew fonts can be purchased at Fontbit
And my latin fonts at